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Monday is Manday: Hot Shave and a Haircut

ms Monday is Manday: Hot Shave and a HaircutFor weeks I’ve been imper­son­at­ing a home­less Ben Franklin, let­ting my hair grow long and tat­tered and kick­ing myself in the arse for not get­ting  hair­cut. This week­end, as my hair started to gain clas­si­fi­ca­tion as its own ecosys­tem, one of my old­est and dear­est friends came to Chicago so I elected to get shorn. I went to my buddy, MJ, who owns Fades R Us by MJ, and he attacked my shaggy dome.

Three min­utes into it MJ started grum­bling and threw his clip­pers into the wall. He grabbed a chain­saw and chewed through my eye­brows (which, prior, could only be described as Gan­dal­phian) because they were so big they were trap­ping my cut hair, mak­ing me look like I had a fore­head wig.

Then MJ draped my face with a hot towel for my shave and I fell asleep. Look, the review is on Yelp. He’s worth every penny. Two weeks from now, I’m going in a for a facial.