The Overnight Camp Sagas: Day Three

I get this text to wake me up: “Dad, I’m almost out of clothes.”

Well, no kid­ding. It’s Wednes­day. He’s worn two and a half days worth of clothes so far. Roon has a ten­dency to wear under­shirts. But he uses his other shirts as his under­shirts so it looks like he’s wear­ing two t-shirts. Well, he IS wear­ing two t-shirts. But I only packed on t-shirt per day so per­haps he’s run through his stu­pid rock-n-roll t-shirt batch.

I’ve already been out there once to sneak him his lap­top and enough snacks to last him a week which adds up to a met­ric ton of beef jerky and chips. How­ever, I’m the world’s worst dad and the power chord that was WRAPPED AROUND HIS LAPTOP in his room was NOT HIS POWER CHORD. Hommes was, shall we say, non-plussed.

I expected to be upbraided for my slackard ways. But instead his morn­ing text emer­gency is that he might be run­ning out of clothes.
I’m rais­ing a fash­ion maven.

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