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Neal Patrick Harris is My Lord & Savior

It started in “Harold & Kumar Go To White­cas­tle,” when NPH played him­self. I thought, wow, that guy is a total dil­li­gaf. He’s funny as all get out and dosn’t take him­self seri­ously. But his act­ing there was just him play­ing against type and being snarky.

In Dr. Horrible’s Sing A Long Blog, he reaches some kind of Zenith of cool, with the help of Josh Whe­don and some really great side­men. When are the Coen broth­ers finally going to get it and cast Har­ris? This lit­tle movie is so good, so smart, and so funny. And watch NPH’s nuances as the Mad Scientist/Blogger who’s too shy to talk to his true love, Penny. Good lord this is the best thing on the web.

Dr. Hor­ri­ble