13 Things on Thursday to be Thankful For

  1. My Wife (yes, you should be thank­ful too)DBC 131 13 Things on Thursday to be Thankful For
  2. My Son, Sasquatch.
  3. My daugh­ter, Rah.
  4. My mom.
  5. My sis­ter.
  6. Dave Haynes
  7. Chef Efrain Cuevas
  8. Chef Lau­ren Parton
  9. My new skill: mak­ing pork rinds from scratch
  10. Tits (why lie?)
  11. Vin­cent Price
  12. The inter­net
  13. My gay dog Ty.

About Bull Garlington

Christopher Garlington is the humor columnist for Chicago Parent magazine, Seattle Parent Map, and New York Parenting magazine. His stories have appeared in Atlanta Parent, Baton Rouge Parent, Parenting ABC (U.K.); Florida, Orlando, Orlando Weekly, Catholic Digest, Retort, Another Realm, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, and other magazines. He is the author of the infamous anti-parenting blog, Death By Children; co-author of The Beat Cop’s Guide to Chicago Eats.

  • http://theoriginal8mm.com Richard “Off­switch” Nowak

    Why should “we” be “thank­ful” for your wife ?? Wait. Whoa. I fig­ured it out. It’s “Death by Parhe­lios” .…. she mar­ried you so we wouldn’t have to.